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[专题] NASA商业载人航天(CCP)进程:NASA公布新的时间表

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Boeing details bid to win NASA shuttle
Washington DC 10:16 30 Mar 2012
Boeing has released crucial details of its commercial crew integrated capability (CCiCap) bid that it delivered to NASA on 23 March.

The company has twice won awards under the commercial crew development (CCDev) programme, predecessor to CCiCap, to work on its CST-100 capsule. CCDev was meant to stimulate development of vehicles to transport astronauts to the International Space Station.

"It's really in two phases," says John Mulholland, the capsule's programme manager, of the latest bid. "There's a 21-month base period where we'll accomplish our critical design review and a significant amount of risk reduction design testing, and we will culminate at the end of the option period with a two-crew flight test."
Mulholland confirms that Boeing will use a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V in 412 configuration, adding that human-rating the Atlas V is part of Boeing's CCiCap bid. Currently the Atlas is being human-rated by ULA. Under an unfunded Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA, ULA gets access to NASA's technical assistance, but no financial help. Boeing's formal inclusion of Atlas allows its human-rating progress to be funded milestones for the CST-100 programme.
Despite Boeing's relation to the Atlas - ULA is a joint Lockheed/Boeing business venture -- Mulholland confirms that discussions have been held with SpaceX and ATK for possible launches when CCiCap transitions to a services contract in 2016. Both SpaceX and ATK have submitted bids for CCiCap and compete with ULA for launch business.
尽管波音公司的关系阿特拉斯 - 公式为洛克希德/波音公司联合经营企业 - 穆赫兰确认可能发射的讨论已与SpaceX公司和ATK举行时CCiCap过渡到2016年的服务合同。 SpaceX公司和ATK公司都已经提交了CCiCap投标和与ULA发射的业务竞争。

"NASA has requested a minimum of one milestone per quarter, and we've got a little bit more than one per quarter that we've estimated," says Mulholland. "And when we've looked at it, we've set milestones for every different aspect of the programme."

Boeing's CCiCap bid, if selected for the full, $500 million award, "gets us all the way through the two-crewed flight test, which would be our last certification milestone before we entered into the service phase", Mulholland adds.

NASA declines to comment on either the CCiCap bids or the selection dates, but several parties with knowledge of the situation expect award announcements by 1 August.

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Muncy: Support for Commercial Crew Growing in Congress
April 15, 2012, at 10:06 pmin News.
Support in Congress for NASA’s commercial crew effort is becoming stronger despite continuing opposition from some quarters, according to Jim Muncy of PoliSpace.
Speaking on Saturday at the Space Access 12 conference in Phoenix, Muncy said that more Congressional leaders have realized that the commercial crew program is the best and fastest way to restoring the nation’s ability to launch astronauts into space.
Muncy said that although most everyone would like to see a thriving commercial space industry, there are differences in Congress over just how much the federal government should be involved in helping to make it happen.
He also said that the composition of Congress could change in the future as elected officials retire or are defeated. These changes could increase support for commercial programs.
As for the Space Launch System (SLS) designed to launch the Orion Multi-purpose Crew Vehicle, Muncy questioned whether the launch vehicle would get built. NASA plans to launch an unmanned Orion aboard a Delta IV booster in 2014 as part of a flight test. The mission would call into question whether SLS is actually needed for deep space exploration, especially with crewed Orion flights on SLS not beginning until 2021, Muncy said.
NASA is currently spending a combined $3 billion per year on SLS and Orion, despite an effort by the Obama Administration to cancel both programs. Congress decided that the industrial base “needed to be fed,” Muncy said. However, there is only $3 billion available as opposed to the $5 billion that is probably needed.
He said that some projects might not exist in a few years because they are not very cost competitive, he added. A miracle also could well occur in which elected officials decide they actually want a space program that accomplishes things instead of one focused on maintaining the industrial base.
There is a serious debate over how many competitors NASA should support as part of the commercial crew effort. The space agency is currently funding four competitors, and it may eliminate one or two when it awards the next phase of the program this summer.
Some in Congress want a single industrial team to develop a commercial crew vehicle. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has been urging NASA to downselect to two providers. Their concerns include the cost of the program and whether a market exists for more than one system.
在国会中有些人要求一个单独的工业团队来开发商业载人运载器。参议员凯贝利.Hutchison一直敦促NASA 减少选择为两家供应商。他们关注的是,该计划的成本以及是否有多于一个以上系统的市场存在。
Muncy said that inconsistent messaging from top NASA officials has caused concern in Congress. At times, they have talked about having two systems, at other times four or five.
He said that if NASA wants a safe, innovative crew system at a lower cost, it needs to have at least systems flight tested. If the space agency feels that one of the systems is not ready, NASA could have it deliver cargo until there are enough successful flights to be confident of putting a crew on board.
A robust launch capability would allow the United States to get much more return from its substantial investment in the International Space Station, he added. The U.S. would be able to fly more astronauts and to do so more often.
The orbiting facility can support crews of seven instead of the six astronauts aboard it now. The lower number is a result of having to rely upon two Russian Soyuz spacecraft, which have three seats apiece.
   On a related issue, Muncy said that Sen. Jay Rockefeller, chairman of the Committee on Science, Commerce and Transportation, is concerned about the extension of third party indemnification relating to launch accidents that cause injuries or damage to third parties. Under the system, some of the damage is covered by insurance taken out by launch providers while the government is on the hook for a certain amount.
Muncy predicted that this issue would get worked out. He added that there might be a new commercial space bill introduced in Congress this year or next year.
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› Commercial Spaceflight - 60 Day Report, Issue 6 (PDF)
› CCDev2 Milestone Charts





Boeing2个,SNC1个,ATK1个.  发表于 2012-4-21 20:19
这2个月太没成绩,总共才完成4个里程碑。  发表于 2012-4-21 20:17
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House to NASA: Down Select to Single Commercial Crew Competitor Immediately
Posted by Doug Messieron April 25, 2012, at 2:24 pmin News.
The FY13 Commerce, Justice, and Science Draft Committee Report [PDF] says that NASA should immediately down select to a single competitor in the commercial crew program to save money and time in fielding a shuttle replacement:
The Committee believes that many of these concerns would be addressed by an immediate downselect to a single competitor or, at most, the execution of a leader-follower paradigm in which NASA makes one large award to a main commercial partner and a second small award to a back-up partner.
In short, the committee believes the commercial crew program is too expensive and will take too long. Legislators also do not believe there is a market for more than one crew provider and that the program risks becoming another Solyndra. So, they want commercial crew to look as much like a traditional NASA procurement, with one provider and procurement under traditional Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).
A section of the report outlining the committees thinking in detailed is reproduced after the break. Thanks to Clark Lindsey for finding it.
Commercial crew.The Committee supports the goal of achieving independent and redundant access to the International Space Station (ISS) but remains concerned about many aspects of NASAs approach to the commercial crew development program. First, the Committee believes that the programs total estimated development costs of $4,868,000,000 are too high given that the current commit- ment to the ISS leaves NASA with only a few years to make use of commercial crew services and no sufficient additional market has been clearly demonstrated in the absence of NASA as a base customer.
商业载人.,------该委员会支持实现独立的和有富裕(能力)的访问ISS的目标,但仍然关注NASA商业载人开发计划步骤的许多方面。首先,该委员会认为,该计划的总额$四十八亿六千八万的估计开发成本是过高的 电流犯-MENT的  ISS离开NASA(的业务),利用商业载人服务仅仅几年,并且没有足够的额外市场,有已清楚地表明在NASA做为一个基本客户的情况下的缺乏。
Second, the current structure of the program has insufficient safeguards in place to protect the governments interests in intellectual or physical property developed with Federal money in the event that companies are terminated from or opt to leave the pro- gram. As such, there is a risk of repeating the governments experience from last years bankruptcy of the solar energy firm Solyndra, in which the failure of a high risk, government subsidized development venture left taxpayers with no tangible benefit in exchange for their substantial investment.
Third, the Administration appears to be pursuing potentially inconsistent goals for the program: (1) the achievement of the fastest, safest, most cost effective means of domestic access to the ISS, and (2) the seeding of a new commercial spaceflight industry. Given the overwhelming importance of the first of these goals, any funding, time and effort expended in pursuit of the second is potentially a distraction from other necessary work, and, in an environment of fiscal constraint, a dilution of limited resources.
Finally, the programs current acquisition strategy lacks any defined plan to transition from the planned Space Act Agreement (SAA)-based Commercial Crew Integrated Capability (CCiCap) round of awards to a Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)-based certification and service contract. As a result, the strategy presents a significant risk of costly, lengthy delays as NASA attempts to retroactively assess competitors designs on safety and other standards and companies attempt to make changes in fully mature integrated designs to address instances in which NASA cannot verify that a necessary qualification criterion has been met.
The Committee believes that many of these concerns would be addressed by an immediate downselect to a single competitor or, at most, the execution of a leader-follower paradigm in which NASA makes one large award to a main commercial partner and a second small award to a back-up partner.
With fewer companies remaining in the program, NASA could reduce its annual budget needs for the program and fund other priorities like planetary science, human exploration or aeronautics research. In addition, an accelerated downselect would allow NASA to focus its remaining funds and technical assistance resources on the most promising contender, potentially enabling that competitor to produce a final capability faster than otherwise possible. It would also allow NASA to return to its previous acquisition strategy of holding an open competition (to include current funding recipients and new entrants) and following a more traditional FAR-based management approach, avoiding a complex transition from SAAs late in the development process and allowing the government to better protect its interests in intellectual and physical property developed with taxpayer funds. Finally, this strategy is more consistent with current overarching fiscal guidance included in the fiscal year 2013 House budget resolution. In a climate of decreasing non-defense discretionary spending, the Committee does not believe that the Administrations proposed budget runout for commercial crew is sustainable.
For all of these reasons, the Committee believes that the advantages offered by an immediate downselect and a return to FAR-based contracts outweigh the potential benefits of maintaining the current program structure. As a result, the Committee directs NASA to execute the program as described above and in accordance with a fiscal year 2013 funding level of $500,000,000, which is equal to the level agreed to by Congress and the Administration in the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 (Public Law 111267).
对于所有这些原因,委员会认为,立即downselect和返回远基于合同所提供的利大于弊维持目前的方案结构的潜在好处。因此,委员会指示_NASA_到执行计划作为以上,并根据所述财政年度2013 $ 500,000,000筹资水平,这等于水平同意,以在2010年NASA授权法案由国会和政府(公共法律111-267)。

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众议院对NASA说:降低选择商业载人竞争者为一个,立即House to NASA: Down Select to Single Commercial Cr ...



只有一个竞争者,NASA被漫天要价的可能性太大吧,到时候又是NASA的错是体制问题,老爷们是永远伟光正的  发表于 2012-4-27 10:19
象‘追梦’这种对近~中期来说,中看不中用的好东西,被拖延的可能性大大增加,蓝源更没戏了。  发表于 2012-4-26 21:49
很多有特点的竞争者退出比赛,对观众来说确实遗憾。国会的老人们考虑的更实际些。  发表于 2012-4-26 21:38
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blue origin的飞船开始吹风啦,这个还是计划Atlas V发射,他们自己的可复用火箭不知道啥时候能有个样子

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SNC Highlights Support of NASA JSC for Dream Chaser
Posted by Doug Messieron April 26, 2012, at 4:35 pmin News.
Sparks, NV – (SNC PR) – Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems has signed several Space Act Agreements (SAA) with NASA’s Johnson Space Center dating back to May 2011 to assist in both the technical development of, and operations support for, the Dream Chaser?  Space System.  SNC has received funding awards from NASA in both rounds of the Commercial Crew Development Program and has chosen to re-invest capital back into the space agency through SAAs with individual Centers, including Houston’s Johnson Space Center, to leverage NASA’s experience and expertise in human spaceflight.
Sparks,内华达州 - (SNC消息) - 塞拉内华达公司的(内华达山脉)太空系统不是已经与NASA的约翰逊航天中心签署了几个空间法协议(SAA)吗?(该协议)回到2011年5月(签署),协助追梦太空系统的技术发展和业务支持。 SNC已收到来自NASA资金奖励的_商业载人开发项目均轮和已选择了再投资的资本进入了_太空机构_通过SAAS回个人中心,包括休斯敦的约翰逊航天中心,利用_NASA_的经验在人类航天和专业知识。
Johnson Space Center’s Engineering and Mission Operations Directorates are currently receiving funding from SNC.  These agreements include work in a variety of areas such as thermal protection and the use of the Christopher C. Kraft, Jr. Mission Control Center. Additional SAAs are being developed with several other Directorates within the Center.
“Thanks to the work of those at Johnson Space Center, America was able to put men on the moon and the International Space Station into orbit.  As the Dream Chaser? Program develops a vehicle to backfill the capabilities of the Space Shuttle, it will not be without a significant contribution from the experts at Johnson Space Center,” explained Mark Sirangelo, Corporate Vice President of SNC’s Space Systems.
Several SNC executives will visit the Houston area to participate in the Rotary National Award for Space Achievement (RNASA), where Sirangelo will be the keynote speaker for the prestigious event.   “We are investing in Houston. In 2011, SNC opened its Houston office and continues to create dynamic partnerships with the area’s diverse aerospace industry, including the expansion of our investment in the Johnson Space Center,” said Sirangelo.
几个_SNC_高管会_访问的休斯顿地区参与扶轮社全国太空成就奖(RNASA),其中Sirangelo将主讲盛会。 “我们投资在休斯敦。 Sirangelo,说:“在2011年,_SNC_开设了休斯顿的办公室,并继续以创建动态的伙伴关系,与该地区的多元化的航空业,包括我们在约翰逊航天中心的投资扩张。
... 更多:略 ...


对NASA专家和NSF网友来说,哪一个都舍不的仍掉;对国会的老人们来说,无所谓(?)。  发表于 2012-4-27 12:29
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NASA: Competition at core of commercial crew program
BY STEPHEN CLARK --- SPACEFLIGHT NOW --- Posted: May 2, 2012
NASA managers argued Tuesday a proposal by lawmakers to immediately select a single provider for commercial crew transportation services would undermine the agency's strategy of reducing the cost of space travel through private industry.
File photo of Ed Mango (left) and Brent Jett (right), manager and deputy manager of NASA's commercial crew program. Credit: NASA/KSC
埃德 Mango的照片文件(左)和布伦特·杰特(右),经理?管理者?和副经理?管理者?  NASA    商业载人计划  来源:  NASA   /肯尼迪航天中心
Officials are in the middle of evaluating industrial bids for the commercial crew program's next phase, with a goal of selecting at least two companies by August to continue developing rockets and spacecraft for the next two years.
官员是在评估工业竞标中  商业载人计划  的下一阶段,八月选择至少两家公司的目标,继续开发火箭,和  航天器  未来两年。
NASA plans to award multiple industry teams each between $300 million and $500 million under agreements set to run until at least May 2014.
But a House budget bill would direct NASA to immediately choose one provider and sign a development contract. The House spending plan provides $500 million to NASA's commercial crew program in fiscal year 2013, which begins Oct. 1.
但是一个  众议院  预算法案将直接  NASA  立即选择一个供应商,并签署一份开发合同。   众议院  支出计划提供500亿/ 100美元  NASA    商业载人计划在101开始的2013财年,  
A Senate appropriations bill gives NASA a $525 million mark for commercial crew, but it does not call for a shift in procurement strategy. Both funding levels are less than NASA's request for $830 million in fiscal 2013.
参议院拨款法案给  NASA   $ 525亿/ 100大关  商业载人,但它并不要求在采购策略的转变。这两种筹资水平是小于  NASA  的请求为830亿/ 2013财年的100
The Senate and House budgets must pass their respective bodies, and their differences must be sorted out in a conference committee.
参议院和众议院  预算必须通过各自的机构,必须按他们之间的分歧在会议委员会。
This year's commercial crew budget is set at $406 million, about half of NASA's request. The less-than-requested budget caused NASA to adjust its schedule for the start of operational astronaut flights to the space station from 2016 until 2017.
今年的  商业载人  预算为4.06亿美元,大约一半的  NASA  的要求。低于要求的预算造成  NASA  调整其业务从2016年至2017年向ISS宇航员飞行开始的时间表。
}   ========================================
Ed Mango, manager of NASA's commercial crew program, said Tuesday a "downselect" to a sole company could double the cost of fielding a privately-built human transportation system.
爱德 Mango,NASA商业载人计划经理,星期二说“downselect唯一公司可能使 派遣一个私人建造的载人运输系统的成本增加一倍。
"We need competition as long as possible. The price to go with one [provider] starting today, and then all the way through certification and into services, is at least twice what it would be if you had competition at least as long as possible," Mango said.
我们需要尽可能长的竞争。价格[供应商]从今天开始,然后所有该方式通过认证,并投入服务,至少有两次会是什么,如果你有竞争至少尽可能长“ Mango说。
Mango and other officials spoke with the NASA Advisory Council's commercial space committee Tuesday.
Mango和其他官员与商业空间  NASA  咨询理事会的委员会星期二发言。
House appropriators wrote an immediate downselect to one commercial crew firm would reduce the program's projected $4.8 billion cost, but NASA officials said such a move would move the cost in the opposite direction.
  众议院 拨款者写道立即downselec一个 商业载人公司,将减少规划预计费用48亿美元,但  NASA  官员说,这样的举动会在相反的方向移动成本。
"If we get narrowed down to one [provider] now, we're kind of back into the same old way of doing business, and that's why a system costs $8 billion to build," said Brent Jett, NASA's deputy program manager for commercial crew.
“现在,如果我们收窄下降到一个 [供应商],我们是一种回到的相同做生意的旧方式,以及这就是为什么一个系统花费80亿美元的成本去建设,”说布伦特杰特,  NASA  的商业载人计划副经理  。(PS:这是指猎户座吗?)
According to Mango, a budget reduction now would delay the beginning of commercial crew service to the International Space Station, extending U.S. reliance on Russia for astronaut access to space.
据 Mangos说,现在的预算削减将推迟开始到ISS的 商业载人服务,延长美国宇航员访问太空对俄罗斯的依赖。
Stretching out development would lengthen the gap in U.S. human spaceflight capability and would ultimately make the program more expensive, according to Mango.
伸出的开发将延长在美国载人太空飞行能力的差距,并最终使计划更加昂贵,根据 Mango
"If we did that, then the overall total cost would be more," Mango said. "The area under the curve is going to go up."
如果我们那样,那么整体的总成本将更多,” Mango说。 “曲线下的面积要涨。”(PS:这说话方式)
NASA astronauts and SpaceX employees in the interior of a mock-up of the Dragon spacecraft, SpaceX's proposed human capsule. Credit: SpaceX/Roger Gilbertson
宇航员在室内模拟的龙  SpaceX员工  航天器,  SpaceX的建议人类太空舱。   SpaceX /罗杰·吉尔伯特:
Phil McAlister, head of NASA's commercial spaceflight office in Washington, said the agency has "walked the walk" in its commitment to competition, citing a decision in December to switch from traditional federal government contracts to Space Act Agreements for the program's next phase, known as CCiCap, or Commercial Crew Integrated Capability.
菲尔·麦卡利斯特, 华盛顿NASA 商业航天工程办公室的负责人,该机构已“走了走”,其竞争的承诺,援引在十二月作出切换从传统的联邦政府合同的决定  到:太空法计划的下一阶段的协议,称为作为CCiCap,或  商业载人  综合能力。
NASA changed to Space Act Agreements because they allow more flexibility to pay multiple companies to continue development with less funding. The agreements also require industry to supply private capital to go toward the effort.
"That [decision] was deliberately because we felt like, with the previous strategy and the previous budget, we might have been forced to only select one [company]," McAlister said.
Mango said competition also encourages innovation, adding partners have put in more private money in previous commercial crew development rounds to accelerate testing in order to obtain a competitive advantage for future bids.
Mango说,竞争也鼓励创新,增加合作伙伴已投入更多的私人资金在以前  商业载人开发  轮加速测试,为未来的竞标,以获得竞争优势。
According to McAlister, NASA has not decided how many partners - two, three, or four - it will select for the CCiCap phase, which will fund projects through the completion of designs until the start of qualification testing.
据麦卡利斯特,  NASA  尚未决定多少合作伙伴 - 两个,三个或四个 - 将选择的CCiCap阶段,这将基金通过资格测试开始,直到完成设计项目。
NASA has ongoing funded agreements with Boeing Co., SpaceX, Sierra Nevada Corp., and Blue Origin. The companies expect to complete their milestones under their current agreements this summer, before NASA awards the next round of funding.
NASA正在进行与波音公司,  SpaceX,内华达公司,  蓝色起源公司  资助协议。该公司预计今年夏天下完成其目前的协议里程碑,,前  NASA  颁发的资金下一轮。
Each company is developing a human-rated spacecraft to launch on top of an expendable rocket.
每家公司正在开发1个载人级别的航天器  来  发射  一次性火箭的顶部。
"Competition is in everyone's interests," Mango said. "Going to one [provider] means your price for development, let alone services because we haven't figured that out yet, is probably at least double what it would be if you had at least some competition throughout some phase of the overall development."
“比赛是在每个人的利益,” Mango说。 “走出去,以一个供应商是指发展的价格,更遑论服务,因为我们还没有想通出来呢,大概是至少增加一倍,如果你有至少整个整体发展的一些阶段的竞争,会是什么。 “

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Apollo Legends Support Commercial Crew Down Select
Posted by Doug Messieron May 8, 2012, at 6:32 amin News.
Apollo commanders Neil Armstrong, Eugene Cernan and James Lovell have sent a letter of support to Rep. Frank Wolf supporting the Houses demand that NASA immediately down select to one commercial crew provider and transition to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) based contracting.
Our recollection is that FARs exist to protect taxpayer investments and the best interests of the government by reducing risk in procurement,. the retired astronauts wrote. They were developed over years of experience and represent lessons learned and best practices in contracting. We are generally unfamiliar with Space Act Agreements but understand that they include little in the area of requirements and would be unlikely to provide the documentation that we normally depend upon to provide high confidence in reaching our technical goals.
“我们的回忆是,FARs存在,以保护纳税人,降低采购风险,投资和政府的最佳利益。”退休宇航员写道。 “他们开发了多年的经验和代表的经验教训和最佳做法,在承包。我们与空间法的协议一般都是陌生的,但明白,他们包括在面积小的要求,也不可能提供的文件,我们通常取决于提供高,达到我们的技术目标的信心。“
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Frank R. Wolf
Chairman, House Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice and Science
Dear Chairman Wolf:
The FY13 Commerce, Justice, Science appropriations bill includes language directing NASA to immediately engage in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) based contracts for the Commercial Crew program. It also calls for an immediate down-select for the program. We are not experts in contemporary government contracts, but that language seems very reasonable and appropriate to us. We believe your committee has the expertise and resources to determine whether the approach is proper and practical.
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Neil Armstrong
Eugene Cernan
James Lovell
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Obama Threatens to Veto House Spending Bill Over Commercial Crew Provisions
Posted by Doug Messieron May 9, 2012, at 6:22 amin News.
President Barack Obama has said he would veto the House Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for FY 2013 because it cuts far too much, including $330 million from the Administrations request for NASAs commercial crew program. The President also opposes restrictive language that would force NASA to immediately down select from four providers to one and move immediately to Federal Acquisition Regulation contracting.
奥巴马总统已表示他将否决众议院工商,司法,科学及相关机2013财年构拨款法,因为它减少太多,其中包括政府的NASA的请求$ 3.30亿商业载人计划。总统也反对限制性的语言,这将迫使NASA立即降低选择从四个供应商之一,并立即向联邦采购规例“承包。

In a Statement of Administration Policy, the White House wrote:
The Administration strongly opposes the level of funding provided for the commercial crew program, which is $330 million below the FY 2013 Budget request, as well as restrictive report language that would eliminate competition in the program. This would increase the time the United States will be required to rely solely on foreign providers to transport American astronauts to and from the space station. While the Administration appreciates the overall funding level provided to NASA, the bill provides some NASA programs with unnecessary increases at the expense of other important initiatives.
政府强烈反对提供的商业载人计划资金水平,这是$ 3.30亿以下财年2013年的预算请求,以及限制性的报告语言,将消除计划中的竞争。这将增加美国将必须完全依靠外国供应商运送美国宇航员和时间空间站。虽然政府赞赏整体筹资水平提供NASA,条例草案规定了一些不必要的牺牲的其他重要举措增加NASA方案。
The Administration requested $830 million for the commercial crew program. The House spending plan provides $500 million while the Senate wants to spend $525 million on the progra
政府要求$ 830亿/ 100 商业载人计划众议院支出计划提供500亿/ 100美元,而参议院的计划要花费525亿/ 100美元



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CCDev/CCiCAP项目在众议院中最大的反对者:共和党参议员Frank Wolf终于松口了,同意NASA继续以SAA的方式推进CCiCAP/CCDev3。


In a letter to Bolden dated May 31 — the same day commercial crew contender Space Exploration Technologies Corp. completed its historic cargo-delivery demonstration mission to the ISS — Wolf outlined several elements of this revised approach, including:

NASA will award Space Act Agreements “to no more than 2.5 program partners (i.e., two full awards and one partial award), with the final number of awards made representing the minimum necessary to ensure the successful achievement of the [Commercial Crew Program’s] primary objective.”

The upcoming CCiCap awards — which NASA has said will fund a 21-month-effort to take the competing concepts through critical design review — will be “the final phase of general development funding” for commercial crew contenders. Any follow-on money will be provided only for Federal Acquisition Regulation-type certification and service contracts.

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CCDev/CCiCAP项目在众议院中最大的反对者:共和党参议员Frank Wolf终于松口了,同意NASA继续以SAA的方式推进 ...


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"As part of this understanding, NASA and the committee have affirmed that the primary objective of the commercial crew program is achieving the fastest, safest and most cost-effective means of domestic access to the ISS, not the creation of a commercial crew industry. Additionally, NASA has stated that it will reduce the number of awards anticipated to be made this summer from the 4 awards made under commercial crew development round 2 to not more than 2.5 (two full and one partial) CCiCAP awards. This downselect will reduce taxpayer exposure by concentrating funds on those participants who are most likely to be chosen to eventually provide service to ISS."
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  [据美国《奥兰多哨兵报》网站2012年6月5日报道]  美国航空航天局高层与国会高层已就该局如何继续研制“太空出租车”服务国际太空站达成一致意见。
  对于NASA和商业航天界而言,这种调和出现在有趣的时间内。NASA计划在今年夏季签署下一轮太空出租车合同。上周,SpaceX公司首度使用商业飞行器前往国际太空站并安全返回,创造了历史。 (中国航天系统科学与工程研究院   许红英  侯丹)  

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