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[专题] NASA的人事/预算/决策专题(更新:FY2020预算案出炉)

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Augustine 委员会成员名单

posted by Orlando Sentinel on May 28, 2009 1:26:53 PM

Christopher Chyba - Professor of Astrophysical Sciences and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. He once held the Carl Sagan Chair for the Study of Life in the Universe at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, Calif.

Sally Ride - Physicist and a former NASA astronaut who, in 1983, became the first American woman and youngest American (at the time) to enter space.

Lester Lyles - Retired Air Force General and NASA administrator candidate. He is an expert in military space issues and is a member of the NASA Advisory Committee.

Edward Crawley - Ford Professor of Engineering at MIT, and a Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and of Engineering Systems. He is engaged with NASA on the design of its lunar and earth observing systems, and with BP on oil exploration system designs.

Bohdan "Bo" Bejmuk - Respected engineer and executive at Boeing Co. and one-time executive at Sea Launch, where he helped put together and run the company’s unique offshore rocket launch system. He also assembled and led an elite Boeing engineering team to assist leading the integration of Russian elements into the Station. He was also involved in the space shuttle program from its earliest days.

Jeff Greason - President, CEO and founder of XCOR Aerospace and the Personal Spaceflight Federation. He was the team leader for engine development at the now-defunct Rotary Rocket, and previously worked at the computer chip manufacturer Intel. He has been active in lobbying to encourage support for private spaceflight activities.

Wanda Austin -- President and CEO of The Aerospace Corp., an independent non-profit dedicated to assisting the nation's space program. NASA recently commissioned her company to study whether military rockets could lift people and cargo to the international space station and the moon, and the study concluded they could, contrary to NASA's previous assertions.
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NASA正式公布奥古斯丁委员会成员名单,共十人,比Orlando Sentinel 之前公布的名单多两人

-Norman Augustine (chair), retired chairman and CEO, Lockheed Martin Corp., and former member of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush

- Dr. Wanda Austin, president and CEO, The Aerospace Corp.

- Bohdan Bejmuk, chair, Constellation program Standing Review Board, and former manager of the Boeing Space Shuttle and Sea Launch programs

- Dr. Leroy Chiao, former astronaut, former International Space Station commander and engineering consultant

- Dr. Christopher Chyba, professor of Astrophysical Sciences and International Affairs, Princeton University, and member, President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology

- Dr. Edward Crawley, Ford Professor of Engineering at MIT and co-chair, NASA Exploration Technology Development Program Review Committee

- Jeffrey Greason, co-founder and CEO, XCOR Aerospace, and vice-chair, Personal Spaceflight Federation

- Dr. Charles Kennel, chair, National Academies Space Studies Board, and director and professor emeritus, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego

- Retired Air Force Gen. Lester Lyles, chair, National Academies Committee on the Rationale and Goals of the U.S. Civil Space Program, former Air Force vice chief of staff and former commander of the Air Force Materiel Command

- Dr. Sally Ride, former astronaut, first American woman in space, CEO of Sally Ride Science and professor emerita at the University of California, San Diego

Norman Augustine will chair the independent review of U.S. human space flight plans. During the course of the review, the panel will examine ongoing and planned NASA development activities and potential alternatives in order to present options for advancing a safe, innovative, affordable and sustainable human space flight program following the space shuttle's retirement. The committee will present its results in time to support an administration decision on the way forward by August 2009.
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  [据佛罗里达网站2009年6月4日报道]   白宫即将对NASA太空飞行项目进行的审议促使众议院专门小组欲削减NASA的探索预算。由洛.马前总裁诺曼.奥古斯丁领导的独立小组将从6月开始审议NASA的载人太空飞行计划,并在60到90天内向国会提交建议。
  众议院拨款小组在6月4日将NASA2010财年提议预算削减至182亿美元,与白宫建议的额度相比大约减少了4.83亿美元。然而,这个预算数字与NASA的2009财年预算相比还增加了4.21亿美元。太空探索项目削减的额度最大,与2009财年相比减少了2.12亿美元。整个众议院拨款委员会计划在6月9日审议该议案。(中国航天工程咨询中心 谢慧敏 曲佳)
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前华裔宇航员焦立中(Leroy Chiao)作为非营利机构“挑战者中心”的代表加入奥古斯丁委员会。
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NASA TV正在直播奥古斯汀委员会的第一次媒体见面会,1点是EELV团队陈述,3点半Direct团队陈述,感兴趣且时间合适的网友可以去看看

9:00 am - Introduction- Dr. Holdren and Mr. Scolese

9:20 am - Summary of past studies - NASA/Mike Hawes(10 min)

9:30 am - Constellation Program - NASA/Doug Cooke (30 minutes)

10:00 am - ISS Partner Discussions (1 hr)
      ESA and RSA

11:00 am - Authorization Bills-Congressional Perspective (1 hr)

12:00 am - Public comment period 1 (30 min)

12:30 am - Lunch Break (30 min)

1:00 pm EELV Considerations (1 hr)

2:00 pm -Other Commercial Launch Capabilities (1.5 hr)
NASA COTS Program - NASA/Doug Cooke (15min)
SpaceX COTS program status - SpaceX (30 min)
Orbital COTS program status - Orbital (30 min)
ISS-CRS process and status - NASA/Mike Suffredini (15 min)

3:30 pm Alternative architectures
Direct - Steve Metschan (30 min)
Shuttle Side-mount Options - NASA/John Shannon (30 min)

4:30 pm - Public Comment (30 min)


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刚刚完成陈述的ESA和RSA的代表竟然是Jean-Jacques Dordain和Anatoly Perminov。。。。。。
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美国行星学会( Planetary Society )已经向奥古斯汀委员会递交了一份路线图:《Beyond the Moon: A New Roadmap for Human Space Exploration》,要点如下:


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现在已经形成的一个共识是民用航天的两大要务是科学和激发民众(尤其是青少年)兴趣。由于NASA每年的经费里最大一块蛋糕是科学,其次就是载人航天,所以科学家总是希望载人航天计划也能够与科学的目标相一致,而不是背道而驰。无论是从解答科学问题这一角度还是从激发民众兴趣的角度来看,如果载人火星任务的价值是100分,那么载人小行星任务能拿到50分,月球任务只有20分,ISS 0分。因此他们在对待载人航天的目标一直比较激进,从NASA决定参与ISS的第一天起就激烈反对,认为阿波罗计划过早结束是一大错误,而ISS和航天飞机除了占用机器人任务的经费以外一无所获。
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2009年06月19日 13:36  新浪科技

  新浪科技讯 北京时间6月19日消息 据英国媒体报道,1969年7月中旬,美国阿波罗11号飞船成功登月,这是人类一次最大胆的探索活动同科学工程领域伟大成就的完美结合。全世界都感叹于美国强大的技术力量和其勃勃雄心。但这都是40年前的事情,而且阿波罗登月计划耗资巨大,对美国几乎是毁灭性的。因此对奥巴马总统来说,未来几个月需要处理的最棘手问题不是通用汽车的破产,也不是华尔街监管体系的透明度,抑或毫不妥协的朝鲜,而是美国载人航天的未来。

  坦率地说,如果美国决定2020年前重返月球,奥巴马政府是否准备好支付庞大且迅速增加的账单? 2009年遭受经济衰退重创的美国是否准备好启动火星任务以开拓太空新边疆?


  杰夫-翰莱是美国宇航局负责下一代飞行器“星座号”研发任务的官员,他说个中原因很简单,那就是资金短缺。提早完成下一代飞行器的研制工作将会耗费更多的资金,而美国对在太空领域投巨资的意愿这几年迅速变弱。杰夫说,“在阿波罗登月计划的高峰时期,美国宇航局的预算大约占联邦预算的4%。而如今联邦预算每花1美元,只有不到0.5便士的钱投给载人航天。” 杰夫-翰莱说奥巴马总统很清楚载人航天的重要性,他明白自己重返月球的承诺以及太空探索对美国至关重要,但是奥巴马面临的问题很简单,那就是缺钱。






  我们听说奥巴马总统对太空探索很感兴趣,很快我们也就会知道美国民众是否还对太空探索感兴趣。(唐宁)  ----
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Nominations Hearing  
Full Committee

Wednesday, July 8, 2009  
02:10 PM

SR - 253  
Nominee: Mr. Charles F. Bolden, Jr., to be Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Nominee: Ms. Lori Garver, to be Deputy Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Nominee: Ms. Deborah A.P. Hersman, to be Chairman and Member of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

Nominee: Mr. Richard A. Lidinsky, Jr., to be Commissioner of the Federal Maritime Commission

Nominee: Ms. Polly Trottenberg, to be Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT)
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TOTAL (FY2010)
NASA :$18.686 billion,比FY 2009 ($17.782 billion)增加5.1 %($903.6 million)
白宫:$18.203 billion,比FY 2009 增加2.4 %
参议院:$18.686 billion, the Administration's request.

NASA :$4,477.2 million,比FY 2009 ( $4,503.0 million)减少0.6 %($25.8 million)
白宫:$4,496.1 million,比FY 2009 减少0.2 %
参议院:$4,517.0 million, 比FY 2009 增加0.3 %

NASA :$3,963.1 million,比FY 2009 ( $3,505.5 million)增加13.1 %($457.6 million)
白宫:$3,293.2 million,比FY 2009 减少 6.1 %
参议院:$3,940.4 million, 比FY 2009 增加12.4%

NASA :$6,175.6 million,比FY 2009 ( $5,764.7 million)增加7.1 %($410.9 million)
白宫:$6,097.3 million,比FY 2009 减少 5.8 %
参议院:$6,161.6 million, 比FY 2009 增加6.9%

NASA :$126.1 million,比FY 2009 ($169.2 million)减少25.5 %($43.1 million)
白宫:$175.0 million,比FY 2009 增加 3.4 %
参议院:$140.1 million, 比FY 2009 减少17.2%
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白宫削减星座计划的要求被驳回,NASA为星座计划申请的拨款全数通过,包括用于Ares I的$1.415 billion,用于CEV的$1.383 billion和用于加速Ares V启动的$100 million
白宫对于NASA增加earth science和education的要求也同时被驳回。
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