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[专题] SpaceX综合消息贴:政策计划人事财务预算等:SpX计划裁员10%

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Mark Bitterman上任两个月后辞职

http://www.spacenews.com/venture_space/spacex-lobbyist-bitterman ...

resigned “for personal reasons — family obligations that require more time and attention than the demands of this job would allow,”

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负责航天员安全的SpaceX副总裁Ken Bowersox在接受SpaceNews记者采访时承认,10年12月发射Dragon C1的第二枚Falcon 9经历了一次发动机异常,原因是一台发动机的燃料-氧化剂混合比错误,“富”氧燃烧环境导致燃气发生器内温度升高,并最终引发关机。此类故障很可能导致涡轮泵损坏。

SpaceNews并未提供过多的信息,尤其是发生故障的时间。可以确定的是发生故障的引擎属于助推级,因此这枚Falcon 9很可能在非预期的情况下展示了一次engine-out ability。同时,这也证明之前被SpaceX起诉的Valador Inc.所听到的“谣言”并非空穴来风,只是不够准确罢了。

SpaceX Acknowledges Falcon 9 Engine Anomaly
“I’d call it an oxidizer-rich shutdown,” former NASA astronaut Ken Bowersox, SpaceX’s vice president of astronaut safety and mission assurance, told Space News in a Sept. 9 interview. “So because of that, when you get that mixture change happening, the temperatures can go up higher than you want inside the gas generator.”

Bowersox added that “those temperatures could have damaged the turbines in the turbopump.” That presents an obstacle for SpaceX, which eventually intends to reuse the nine Merlin engines that power the Falcon 9.

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负责航天员安全的SpaceX副总裁Ken Bowersox在接受SpaceNews记者采访时承认,10年12月发射Dragon C1的第二枚 ...

SpaceX的发言人Kirstin Grantham解释了Bowersox之前关于引擎异常的发言,燃气发生器温度升高的原因是关机后煤油比液氧先耗尽,并非发生了预料之外的关机,对于任务本身没有影响,只是影响了引擎的复用。SpaceX在任务结束后即已通报NASA,并对算法(Depletion algorithm)作了修改以确保下次液氧比煤油先耗尽。

SpaceNews也已对之前报道的内容进行了更新,So, no big deal.

What Bowersox said, but did not make it into the current version of the article, was that there was no premature shutdown of the engine.

The engines did not fail. The Merlin engine has a robust design that can easily withstand this type of event.

There was no impact on mission success. The last mission successfully achieved all mission objectives.

This would be a problem for the long term goal of reusability as engines would need to be repaired before they could be used again.

However, the issue was easily resolved. To improve the potential of reusing engines, and to make the shutdown process as predictable as possible, SpaceX has made a small change so that the engines will run out oxidizer before running out of fuel.

SpaceX discussed the issue with NASA and resolved it to their satisfaction months ago. SpaceX completed a full post-flight report on all indications from Falcon 9 flight 2. That report was distributed to NASA officials. NASA personnel were briefed and the situation was explained to NASA’s satisfaction.

Kirstin Grantham, SpaceX Spokeswoman

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twitter消息,SpaceX总裁Gwynne Shotwell在AIAA Space 2011上的发言中提到:



3)由于小型卫星发射市场的萎缩,明年将决定Falcon 1的前途,其中一个可能是作为靶弹(PS:这个部分要归咎于它的兄弟Falcon 9,因为很多原计划搭载F1的小卫星都改作F9的次级载荷发射)

4)最近炒的火热的Grasshopper VTVL demonstrator的目的是为了重复使用(PS:说的仍不够明确,但应该是指助推级回收)

5)由于M-12M事故引起俄罗斯方面的推迟,COTS demo2/3具体时间仍未确定,目前有5艘Dragon正在组装。



VTVL不容易,没有降落伞(?),9个发动机一起用VTVL回收,那是什么景象和难度?  发表于 2011-9-29 13:10
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Mark Bitterman进了OSC和SpaceX的对手公司ULA,职位和之前差不多:Vice President of Washington D.C. Operations

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@hkhtg090201 VTVL不容易,没有降落伞(?),9个发动机一起用VTVL回收,那是什么景象和难度?
从目前的信息看,可能有降落伞且只有一台Merlin 1D

Grasshopper的目的是进行Falcon 9的助推级再入开伞后的姿控模拟。之前两次发射的助推级回收都失败了,原因就是单靠降落伞无法控制助推级的姿态,导致最终解体。看起来SpaceX打算在助推级与上面级分离后,重新启动9台Merlin 1中的一台(应该是中间那台)进行主动姿态控制。但具体的开机时间是在开伞前还是开伞后不太清楚,但从Grasshopper目前的飞行高度看只能模拟开伞后的情况。
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Mark Bitterman进了OSC和SpaceX的对手公司ULA,职位和之前差不多:Vice President of Washington D.C. Op ...


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Musk Discusses SpaceX, Mars Settlement and More
September 30, 2011

      SpaceX CEO Elon Musk addressed the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. yesterday. The rocket company founder laid out his vision for humans becoming a multi-planet species, discussed SpaceX’s present and future plans, and took questions about the international launch market, global change and the collapse of the solar energy company Solyndra.

My notes are below. You can also watch videos of his address here.
Reusable Falcon 9 rocket
  • Fully reusable, rapid turnaround rocket
  • Falcon 9 costs: $50 million for rocket, about $200,000 in fuel
    Falcon 9火箭成本:5000万$,燃料大约占20万$.
  • Could reduce costs by 100 fold through reuse
  • There would be additional costs of preparing stages for relaunch, etc.
  • Process works on paper and in simulations – now need to make it work in practice
  • Animation is mostly accurate – was completed before the analysis was done, also protecting proprietary information
  • Effort does not take away from COTS and CCDev work

SpaceX Future Plans
SpaceX 未来计划
  • SpaceX has $3B in satellite launch orders
  • Moderately profitable over the last few years
  • Primary launch bases at Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg — will focus on military and NASA missions there
    主发射基地在卡纳维拉尔角和范登堡空军基地的 - 那里将侧重于军事和美国宇航局任务
  • Want to develop a purely commercial launch base elsewhere to focus on those missions

Dragon Mission to ISS
  • Launch delayed from end of November until probably January due to Progress freighter crash
  • Crew rotation delayed — need to have a trained crew to deal with berthing Dragon to station — won’t have that until end of December

Can you fast track Dragon development to launch crews to ISS in 2 years or so?
  • If NASA was willing to accept launching a crew on same level of safety as the space shuttle, we could launch astronauts on the next flight — fully capable of biological cargo carrying
    如果美国宇航局愿意接受和航天飞机的安全同级别的载人发射,我们可以在下次飞行中发射宇航员 -- 完全的生物货运能力。
  • Dragon has no launch escape system
  • Will take about two to three years to dev and qualify a launch escape system
  • Escape thrusters are built in the side wall of spacecraft — can use those for propulsive landings
    逃逸推进安装在飞船的外围 -- 能使用这些着陆。
  • In discussions with NASA on using Dragon as general science delivery platform for missions to Mars and other bodies

International Launch Market
  • U.S. has been uncompetitive in international launch market for several years
  • Russia has been the leader, followed by Europe, India and China (China is coming up quickly)
  • U.S. has been improving due to SpaceX
  • U.S. has the most competitive launch due to SpaceX

Reliance Upon Russia for ISS Transportation

  • Russian Soyuz rockets are very reliable
  • In the long term, reliability concerns because many Russian rocket experts have retired
  • More profitable to go into oil and gas industry
  • “So that expertise is tailing off, and I think that may lead to decreased reliability for Russian rockets in the future. Hopefully it doesn’t.”
  • If you look at Russian rocketry, no significant developments since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991
  • As soon as that technology level is exceeded, then they’re rendered redundant and they’re no longer able to compete
  • Without any changes, Russia has “5 to 10 years” of launch vehicle competitiveness left

Competition From China
    “China is the serious competitor long term”

  • China said it is going after SpaceX as a competitor
  • Chinese program is heavily subsidized, difficult to compete with
  • SpaceX files the minimum number of patents possible because there’s a history in China of absconding with IP
  • Almost impossible to enforce patents with the Chinese government
  • “I’m quite confident we can take on China.”

NASA’s Role
  • SpaceX wouldn’t be where it is today without NASA
  • Both NASA’s historical contribution and its funding of SpaceX through COTS and CCDev
  • U.S. still leads the world in space spending
  • Space budgets will shrink in years ahead

U.S. Military Launch Contracts
  • U.S. Air Force wants to extend the sole source monopoly by Boeing and Lockheed Martin (through ULA) to 2013
  • “The reasoning given for that is preservation of the industrial base, although for some reason, oddly enough, we’re not included in the industrial base”
  • Main Boeing/Lockheed Marin rocket is Atlas 5
  • Atlas V has main engines built in Russia and interstage and forward air frame made in Switzerland
  • “So which industrial base are we talking about preserving, the one in Russia?”
  • Have 1 percent of the lobbying power of Boeing and Lockheed
  • “If this decision is made as a function of lobbying power, we are screwed.”

Openness of Private Commercial Companies

  • Very open company, but ITAR restrictions and competitiveness.
  • NASA and FAA get detailed information about flights we do for NASA.

Mars Colonization

  • Mars colonization – mining wouldn’t be cheaper on Mars (send back to Earth)
  • Develop intellectual property on Mars, other products
  • Mars is life insurance for life as we know it in case humans (or asteroids) destroy Earth
  • Should spend ¼ of one percent of GDP on backing up humanity in the cosmos
  • If 1 out of a 1 million would go to Mars to set up new civilization, would have 8,000 people – probably be more
    如果(现在地球上?)1百万人中有1人将要去火星开发新的文明,(那么)将有8000人 - 也可能会更多。
  • Reduce cost to maybe $500,000 then people would be willing to go to Mars
    降低成本到可能的$ 500,000,那么人们会愿意去火星.

Climate change
  • Can’t be entirely sure that humans are causing climate change
  • However, we’re conducting a massive uncontrolled experiment in seeing how much carbon the atmosphere and oceans can absorb. Why do that and just hope everything will be OK?
  • Need to get off oil eventually – finite resource
  • Oil is going to become increasingly costly as India, China and other countries develop and drive up demand

Have you made any changes in operations as a result of failure of solar energy firm Solyndra?

  • Solyndra has become a political football
  • Energy Department is making investments as part of a portfolio
  • By definition, some of those investments would fail
  • Private venture capitalists lost twice as much on Solyndra than the government
  • First-rate VCs involved in Solyndra
  • Commodity price collapsed due to heavily subsidized Chinese competition
  • They’re spending $40 billion into solar industry
  • Drove cost of solar power from $4 per watt to $1 per watt
  • I thought that Solyndra wasn’t a good bet because he expected solar prices to fall
  • Solar City operates on a different model from Solyndra
  • Solar City is growing at 50-100% per year and positive cash flow
  • I just show up at Solar City board meetings and smile at results
  • Tesla Motors received a guaranteed loan from government through a different program

Tesla doesn’t have the same problem Solyndra has in terms of someone driving down costs


PS: 1.涉及的主题还不少啊,气候变化都考虑了。

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马斯克讨论SpaceX公司,火星殖民等等Musk Discusses SpaceX, Mars Settlement and MoreSeptember 30, 2011

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F9确实先进,但重复使用的效能太夸大了。至于来自中国的竞争大家是在两个不同的坑里刨食。SpaceX先把F9的 ...


政府补贴在商业航天发射领域是一个公开的秘密,无论是阿里安公司的Ariane V还是ILS的Proton-M,政府通过补贴商业发射来保持火箭生产规模,从而稀释政府发射的成本。

如shaolin版所说,只要有ITAR的存在,长征3在一段时间内只能算Falcon 9的潜在对手而非直接对手,Musk实际上是在用一个潜在对手来影射阿里安和ILS,避免公开指责对手(就像阿里安公司的Le Gall先生所做的)而引起的麻烦。
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除了SpaceX,Musk还掌管着两家与新能源有关的公司,制造电动汽车的Tesla和制造太阳能板的Solar City

实际上这是Musk在调侃NASA,因为航天飞机也没有launch abort system,如果真要比较可靠性Dragon恐怕还是不如shuttle。
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说句题外话,Musk目前掌管的三家公司SpaceX、Tesla和Solar City在各自的领域都扮演着领导者的角色,一个IT出身的CEO亲自上阵解答rocket science的场面恐怕也是绝无仅有的,也难怪NSF上有那么多“蒙”粉
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  据新华社电 美国私营企业太空探索技术公司首席执行官埃隆·马斯克9月29日表示,该公司计划开发世界上首款可重复使用的运载火箭,目标是有朝一日能帮助人类在火星定居。



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马斯克讨论SpaceX公司,火星殖民等等Musk Discusses SpaceX, Mars Settlement and MoreSeptember 30, 2011

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  [据《航天新闻周刊》近日报道] 美国太空探索技术公司(SpaceX)计划最终研制一种完全重复使用的“猎鹰”-9运载火箭。目前的“猎鹰”-9是一次性使用火箭,SpaceX公司正准备向国际太空站(ISS)发射该型火箭以执行关键性的验证任务,现在看来,此次验证任务将被推迟至2012年1月。

  9月29日,SpaceX公司的创立者和首席执行官艾伦•马斯克(Elon Musk)在华盛顿披露了该次验证任务延迟的最新消息,并公布了有关重新设计“猎鹰”-9火箭的计划,新设计的火箭特点在于其第一级和第二级能够依靠自身动力飞回发射场。


  SpaceX公司正在向美国联邦航空管理局(FAA)寻求试验许可,试飞一种名为“蚱蜢”(Grasshopper)的技术试验台,该试验台实际上是一种装配着陆支架的单发动机的 “猎鹰”-9火箭主级。




  在美国航空管理局文件中描述的“蚱蜢”为32.3米高的垂直起降火箭,装配有四个着陆支架和一台“隼”-1D发动机。(中国航天工程咨询中心 陈杰 陈菲)
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说句题外话,Musk目前掌管的三家公司SpaceX、Tesla和Solar City在各自的领域都扮演着领导者的角色,一个IT出 ...


Elon Musk被华尔街日报评为2011年度创新人物( Innovator of the Year in Technology ),获奖理由是同时在电动汽车(Tesla的CEO兼co-founder)、新能源(solar city的chairman)和航天(SpaceX的CEO兼CTO)领域做出杰出贡献。

Elon Musk Named Innovator of the Year Award in Technology by WSJ. Magazine
  • Source: SpaceX
  • Posted Friday, October 28, 2011


NEW YORK, NY, Oct 28, 2011 -- Elon Musk, CEO and Co-founder of Tesla and CEO and CTO of SpaceX, last night was recognized for Innovator of the Year in Technology by WSJ. Magazine.

WSJ. Magazine's first annual Innovator of the Year Awards honors the most creative, disruptive, and influential individuals in the world today. Musk was recognized for revolutionizing three of the biggest industries in the world -- automobiles, energy and space exploration -- simultaneously. Artist Tom Sachs, whose recent work is based on the imagery of space, presented the award to Musk.

In conjunction with the November issue of WSJ., the winners were honored on Thursday, October 27, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The November issue of WSJ. will hit newsstands on Saturday, October 29, as part of WSJ Weekend.

"It is an honor to be recognized by WSJ. Magazine, and to join these other visionaries here tonight," said Elon Musk. "It is urgently important to apply innovation the areas that will most affect our future. I am committed to finding renewable energy solutions, accelerating the adoption of sustainable transportation, and revolutionizing space travel."

The Innovator of the Year Awards were chosen by editors of WSJ. Magazine, with input from a select group of experts in each field.

Read the story: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204644504576653493609116516

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太阳能这个行业基本要靠政府的补贴活着。Tesla 的业绩也不如预期。Elon Musk 的手里做的最好的还是 SpaceX.
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Happy Halloween! What a cute "Dragon" guy!

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Today SpaceX would like to recognize all those who have served, including the more than 100 who we proudly call a part of the SpaceX family. We stand in awe of the dedication and sacrifice of America’s military, past and present, and stand ready to do all we can to support our men and women in uniform.

Current, separated and retired military personnel make up 7% of the SpaceX workforce, and we are dedicated to growing that percentage.



好多胖子啊  发表于 2011-11-11 19:30
是在SpaceX工作的退伍军人  发表于 2011-11-11 17:52
正处于业务发展时期的SpaceX还有退伍的?看他们的年龄也不太大啊。印象中花白头发的NASA在职老职工很多的。  发表于 2011-11-11 17:13
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