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[专题] 商业地球轨道/亚轨道飞行综合贴:Nanoracks计划在ISS上安装一个新的气闸舱

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SpaceX拟将COTS Demo 2和Demo 3合并为一次任务,NASA则希望根据COTS Demo 1的试验结果再做决定。

SpaceX Seeks To Drop a Dragon Flight from COTS Plan

By Amy Klamper

WASHINGTON — Buoyed by the successful debut of its Falcon 9 rocket June 4, Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) Corp. is hoping to persuade NASA to waive one of three planned test flights designed to prove its reusable Dragon capsule can ferry cargo to the international space station.

SpaceX is making its case for condensing the demonstration phase even as it prepares to launch its first full-fledged Dragon spacecraft late this summer.

Under its $278 million Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) agreement with NASA, the Hawthorne, Calif.-based company is on the hook to complete three increasingly sophisticated demonstration flights of Falcon 9 and Dragon before beginning regular supply runs to the space station next year.

Although the Falcon 9 delivered a model of the Dragon capsule into orbit June 4, the flight was not meant to count as a COTS demonstration.

SpaceX founder and Chief Executive Elon Musk says it makes sense at this point to combine the last two COTS flights into a single demonstration.

“The goal of the program was the demonstration of cargo transport to and from the station. The goal was not three flights,” Musk told Space News in a June 10 interview. “That is a means to an end. But if there is a better means to that end, it makes more sense to go with the better means to that end.”

Under Musk’s proposal, SpaceX’s second COTS flight — a five-day mission during which Dragon would approach within 10 kilometers of the space station and exercise its radio cross-link to demonstrate the ability of the station’s crew to receive telemetry from the capsule and send commands — would be combined with the third and final COTS demo, in which Dragon is supposed to berth to the station for the first time.

Musk says if the modified second flight is unsuccessful, the third demo flight could serve as a backup. But if his plan works, the combined demo would clear the way for SpaceX to begin delivering cargo to the orbiting outpost under a $1.6 billion Commercial Resupply Services contract it signed with NASA in December 2008.

Regardless, Musk says that if he is able to achieve the primary objective of the COTS program, he expects NASA to pay SpaceX for all three flights — valued at $10 million each under an amended COTS agreement the company renegotiated with NASA in early 2008 — regardless of the number of demos flown.

“If we achieve the goal of the program, we should get the full amount of the program,” Musk said, adding that negotiations with NASA are under way.

Valin Thorn, deputy manager of NASA’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Program, said that any decision to eliminate a demo flight will have to wait until SpaceX flies its first COTS demo later this summer.

“It looks like we’ll have our first COTS demo in late August, and depending on how well that goes, we would take into consideration and look at how that might change the rest of the demonstration program,” Thorn said June 11.

Musk said SpaceX continues to review data gathered during Falcon 9’s maiden flight, and that he expects to complete a preliminary report by the end of June.

“But I’m not sure we’re going to release that,” he said. “There’s not much point in releasing something that’s just fodder for our competitors who will stop at nothing to kill us.”

Although the flight went well, it was not flawless.

Musk said he was surprised by a pronounced roll that occurred following startup of the rocket’s upper stage.

“We didn’t expect the roll, but it didn’t affect the insertion vector,” Musk said. “If that had occurred on a COTS flight it wouldn’t have made any difference.”

The loss of the Falcon 9’s spent first stage, which broke up on atmospheric re-entry, was another disappointment for Musk, who had hoped to recover the spent core.

“It was never one of the main mission objectives. It really would have been nice to have, but at the same time no one has ever recovered a liquid booster stage before so it would have been history,” he said. “Unfortunately, there was a microwave tracking radar that was supposed to be tracking the first stage, and instead it locked on the second stage after stage separation. So unfortunately we don’t have much information about why it broke up.”

The first stage was equipped with parachutes to enable an intact water recovery.

Musk said recovering the Falcon 9’s main stage remains a goal, but cautioned it could take “five or six flights before we could recover a stage, maybe more.”

With Falcon 9’s maiden flight behind him, Musk said the company is undergoing the readiness review for the first COTS flight, a five-hour mission meant to show Dragon can complete multiple orbits, transmit telemetry, receive commands, maneuver, re-enter the atmosphere and make a safe water landing and recovery.

In May the company acknowledged a delay in the second COTS flight, previously scheduled for November but now slated for April 2011 at the earliest. Musk attributes the slip in schedule to the extra time needed to design the second Dragon spacecraft to berth with the space station, including the addition of a grapple fixture and the avionics and software that comprise the capsule’s proximity operations and berthing system.

However, Alan Lindenmoyer, manager of NASA’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Program, said in late May that a variety of factors contributed to the five-month delay, including the time, attention and resources the company was putting into ensuring the success of Falcon 9’s maiden flight.

“Putting that much attention on the first flight has used up resources that contribute to delays in the subsequent mission,” he told Space News May 27.

Musk says SpaceX has spent roughly $500 million to date developing Dragon and the Falcon family of rockets, establishing launch facilities on the Kwajalein Atoll and at the Cape, and building a rocket test facility in McGregor, Texas.

He said NASA has funded more than half of the company’s total expenditures since 2006, with $248 million coming from COTS and $101 million from progress payments on the Commercial Resupply Services contract.

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下次暂定今年8月,是COTS demo 1飞行,只飞数小时就下来,主要全程验证Dragon。

Demo 2和Demo 3本来一次是交汇,一次是对接,计划都是在明年。SpaceX现在希望能将它们合二为一,一次实现对接,这样可以省去一次飞行的费用,并加快进度。不过Demo 3飞行仍然会准备好,不过是作为Demo 2的备份。
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  借助于火箭动力的航天飞机Lynx,美国加利福尼亚州莫哈韦的XCOR宇航公司进军亚轨道太空飞行业务。搭乘这架航天飞机到太空兜一圈只需要 9.5万美元。虽然每次飞行只能搭载一名飞行员和一名乘客,但短短两小时的周转时间却可以弥补空间狭小的不足,每天最多可进行4次飞行。




  美国芝加哥PlanetSpace公司虽然将目光聚焦轨道太空之旅,但却将其航天飞机“变身”为一个亚轨道地球运输系统。 PlanetSpace的航天飞机“银镖”可安装一个亚轨道火箭发动机,用于进行地球上的点对点飞行。“银镖”能够以高超音速的速度飞行2.5万英里(约合4.0233万公里)。PlanetSpace首席执行官杰夫·谢里恩表示:“借助于这个系统,20分钟内从纽约到巴黎绝对不成问题。”




  马恩岛的Excalibur Almaz 有限公司购买了前苏联的几个可重复使用返回型航天器(RRV)。这种飞船在设计上用于将宇航员送上上世纪70年代的秘密太空站Almaz。 Excalibur Almaz尚未公布一周太空之旅的费用,但已计划采用现代技术对RRV飞船的设计进行升级。RRV飞船由一个用于发射和返回的锥形RRV以及一个一次性服务舱构成,飞船可搭乘3个人,包括一名指挥官和两名乘客。





  5.Vertical Tourships


Vertical Tourships

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  美国内华达州拉斯维加斯的Bigelow宇航公司提出了一种与众不同的太空站设计,即用一个个“太阳舞者”组装成一个太空站。“太阳舞者”是一种载人太空舱,可在太空充气。多个太空舱组合在一起构成一个太空站甚至一个月球基地,能够支持3名宇航员的存在。Bigelow已经发射了两个原型舱—— “起源1”号和“起源2”号。虽然是无人操控太空舱,但现在仍旧绕轨道运行。这家公司已经与太空探索技术公司SpaceX签约,计划在2014年搭乘猎鹰 9型运载火箭发射“太阳舞者”。
  7.New Shepard


New Shepard

  亚马逊网站创始人杰夫·贝佐斯创建的太空旅游公司“蓝色起源”(Blue Origin)位于华盛顿州肯特市。这家公司对于外界来说仍旧是一个谜。对于“蓝色起源”的太空飞船——New Shepard亚轨道航天器,人们也是知之甚少,只知道将由一个安装在推进舱上方用于进行实验的密封乘员舱构成,能够将宇航员送入距地球75英里(约合 120公里)的太空。美国宇航局已向“蓝色起源”注资370万美元,用于研发宇航员逃生系统并建造一个复合材料太空舱原型。



  美国弗吉尼亚州杜勒斯的卫星发射公司“轨道科学”(Orbital Sciences)计划借助其先进机动飞船“天鹅座”进军太空飞行世界。圆柱形“天鹅座”将搭乘“轨道科学”的金牛座2型火箭发射升空。它携带一个加压货舱,最大有效负荷为5952磅(约合2700公斤)。“天鹅座”当前的设计仍采用无人操控方式。目前,“轨道科学”已经与美国宇航局签署一项价值19亿美元的合约,负责完成8次货物运输,将货物送上国际空间站。试飞将于2011年进行。






  美国加州霍索的太空探索技术公司SpaceX研制出猎鹰9 型火箭,用于发射“龙”太空舱。这种太空舱首先可能用于向国际空间站运送货物,而后再负责运送宇航员。“龙”太空舱在设计上最多可搭载7名乘客,首次试飞定于2010年进行。
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回复 6# shaolin1254


  1. spaceShip-2
  2. 太阳舞蹈者
  3. 追梦
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十大“飞船”中sundancer根本就不是飞船,天鹅座还没载人计划,Armadillo的东东则差得更远。这三个放进去不恰当。剩下7个中,轨道3个(龙、追梦者、EA/RRV),亚轨道4个。个人观点,按可行性排行,依次是太空船二号、龙、EA/RRV、追梦者、山猫、New Shepard、银镖。后面5个还很渺茫。

其实还漏了:波音/Bigelow合作的Orion Lite、欧洲EADS的亚轨道飞船、俄罗斯的Cosmopolis XXI等。这些至少比那个银镖靠谱点。
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SpaceX与NSPO签订“福卫五”发射合同,发射时间预定2013年,发射载具是Falcon 1e


Hawthorne, CA – June 14 2010 – Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and the National Space Organization (NSPO) have signed contract for the launch of NSPO’s Earth Observation Satellite, Formosat-5.  Formosat-5 will be used to continue the image data service for civilian users and may also carry instruments to conduct space research and scientific experiments.

NSPO, the civilian space agency of the Republic of China (Taiwan), is involved in the development of space exploration, satellite construction and development as well as related research, technologies and infrastructure, including the FORMOSAT series of Earth observation satellites.   With Formosat-5, NSPO aims to build up capabilities for independent development of spacecraft and payload instruments.

“The launch of Formosat-5 will build on the successful launch and operation of the FORMOSAT satellites, “ said Dr. H.P. Chang, Formosat-5 Program Manager of NSPO.  “SpaceX’s approach to launch services is very well-aligned with our goals and objectives for the program—we are very pleased to partner with them on this launch.”

"With over 40 flights now on manifest, SpaceX is positioned to deliver launch services across the increasingly varied needs of our commercial and government customers,” said Gwynne Shotwell, President of SpaceX.  “We are pleased to be the launch services provider of choice for the FORMOSAT-5 mission and look forward to supporting NSPO on this launch."

Formosat-5 is slated to launch as early as December 2013 from SpaceX’s launch site on Omelek Island at the U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA) in the Central Pacific, about 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii.
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SpaceX获得Iridium-Next发射合同,价值4.92亿美元,数量不明的卫星将由Falcon 9从VFAB的SLC-4发射


Contract for Launch of Iridium NEXT Satellite Constellation Represents a New Benchmark in Value for Commercial Launch Services

MCLEAN, Va. and HAWTHORNE, Calif. – June 16, 2010 – Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:IRDM) and Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) are pleased to announce that the Falcon 9 will be a major provider of launch services for Iridium NEXT, Iridium’s next-generation satellite constellation. The $492 million contract, while being the largest single commercial launch deal ever signed, nonetheless represents a new benchmark in cost-effective satellite delivery to space.

Iridium operates the world’s largest commercial satellite constellation, and is the only communications company to offer mobile voice and data services across the entire globe. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle will carry multiple Iridium NEXT satellites per vehicle, inserting the satellites into a low-earth orbit (LEO) as Iridium replaces its current satellite constellation. The Iridium NEXT satellites are set to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) in California between 2015 and 2017.

The contract stipulates that SpaceX will provide launch services to Iridium over a two-year period starting in early 2015. Iridium is also in discussions with, and expects to contract with, at least one additional launch services provider. Launch services are included in the total estimated cost of $2.9 billion for Iridium NEXT.

“This is the third major building block on the road to Iridium NEXT,” said Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium. “Two weeks ago, we announced our fixed-price contract with Thales Alenia Space. We also announced our Coface-backed financing plan, and today I am pleased to announce our partnership with SpaceX for extremely cost-effective launch services.”

Added Desch, “We are proud to be partnered with SpaceX, and want to congratulate Elon Musk and the entire SpaceX team on its successful inaugural Falcon 9 launch. Hands down, SpaceX offered us the best value coupled with an unwavering commitment to flawless performance and reliability. SpaceX has combined the best of aerospace and commercial best practices to design reliable and cost-effective access to space, and Iridium will be the beneficiary of that effort.”

Desch further commented, “SpaceX also offered dedicated Iridium NEXT launch slots within its manifest, which currently has 24 Falcon 9 flights scheduled ahead of us, including those for commercial and government customers, during the coming five years. Clearly, SpaceX has established itself as a significant player in the launch industry, and we have great confidence that SpaceX will build on its recent success and continue to cement an impressive track record of successful space flight in advance of our mission.”

The June 4 inaugural launch of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 achieved 100 percent of its mission objectives, culminating in a near b ull’s-eye insertion to its targeted 250km circular orbit. SpaceX has been working with Iridium and Thales Alenia Space, the prime contractor for Iridium NEXT, to ensure compatibility between the satellite design, the Falcon 9 vehicle and the Iridium NEXT program schedule. This full coordination positions Iridium, SpaceX and Thales Alenia Space for a successful multi-year process of designing, building and launching Iridium NEXT.

“Iridium NEXT is now our largest commercial satellite launch customer and we are excited to play such an integral part in the most significant commercial space program underway today,” said Elon Musk, CEO, SpaceX. “We are impressed by Iridium’s comprehensive approach and diligence in its planning as the company prepares for the design, build and launch of Iridium NEXT. SpaceX greatly appreciates Iridium’s efficient approach to satellite production – an approach we share when it comes to our launch vehicles. As the next generation of the world’s only global satellite constellation that reliably covers 100 percent of the Earth’s surface, the implementation of the Iridium NEXT satellites will mark a significant achievement in mobile satellite communications, and SpaceX is looking forward to making it happen.”  

The SpaceX Falcon 9 is a medium-to-heavy lift, two-stage launch vehicle capable of lifting approximately 11 tons to LEO. Designed to the highest levels of reliability and performance, NASA selected Falcon 9, along with the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, to resupply the International Space Station starting in 2011. This $1.6 billion contract represents 12 flights to and from the International Space Station. Further validating the reliability and robustness of commercial launch, President Obama recently decided to turn over astronaut transport to the U.S. commercial sector, specifically mentioning the example of Falcon 9 in his historic speech at Cape Canaveral. The U.S. government’s confidence in SpaceX provided further validation for Iridium’s decision.
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不过建立Iridium NEXT 的全部费用(包括卫星、发射、地面站和全寿命运行费用)要29亿美元,NSF上有不少人怀疑铱星能否弄到足够的经费。
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另外Iridium -NEXT所需的29亿美元中有18亿来自法国的信贷Coface(不知这和Thales获得卫星合同有没有联系)
Iridium will select one more launch provider as an alternative to the Falcon 9, but the company's top executive made it clear SpaceX will launch the bulk of the constellation.  "That $492 million figure would launch all 72 satellites in our constellation," said Matt Desch, Iridium's CEO.  In an interview Wednesday, Desch said Iridium will also seek an alternate satellite dispenser to go along with the other launch provider. Although Desch declined to discuss other launch options, Russian and Chinese vehicles could compete for the work.  In the first round of competition, SpaceX came out well ahead of other companies with the best bang for the buck, according to Iridium.  
"I don't know that anyone would be able to give you the value for capability that SpaceX does," Desch said.

The $2.9 billion rejuvenation program is being partially financed by a $1.8 billion credit facility from Coface, the official French export credit agency. Coface has issued a guarantee for 95 percent of the $1.8 billion credit line.
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ULA和Bigelow宣布加入商业航天联盟(Commercial Spaceflight Federation),这使得CSF的力量足以和NASA抗衡。成立于2004年底的CSF的宗旨是缔造更高水准的航天工业,游说和推动商业载人航天。



PersonCompany affiliation
Eric AndersonCEO of Space Adventures
Robert BigelowCEO of Bigelow Aerospace
John D. CarmackPresident of Armadillo Aerospace
Peter DiamandisCEO of X PRIZE Foundation
Frank DiBelloPresident of Space Florida
Art DulaCEO of Excalibur Almaz
Michael GassPresident and CEO of the United Launch Alliance
Jeff GreasonCEO of XCOR Aerospace
Steve LandeeneExecutive Director of Spaceport America
Taber MacCallumCEO of Paragon Space Development Corporation
David MastenCEO of Masten Space Systems
Rob MeyersonProgram Manager of Blue Origin
Vernon McDonaldDirector of Commercial Human Spaceflight for Wyle
Bill MitchellCEO and President of Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC)
Elon MuskCEO of SpaceX
Burt Rutanof Scaled Composites
Mark SirangeloChairman of Sierra Nevada Corporation Space Systems
Alex Taiof Virgin Galactic
Stuart WittGeneral Manager of Mojave Spaceport
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象 波音呢,洛马之类的工业巨头一个都没有,是他们不加入呢,还是CSF章程不允许他们加入呢?
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象 波音呢,洛马之类的工业巨头一个都没有,是他们不加入呢,还是CSF章程不允许他们加入呢?
hkhtg090201 发表于 2010-6-23 02:19

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MDA制造的科学与试验通讯卫星CASSIOPE预计将于2011年由Falcon 9从卡角发射,合同价值1000万美元


Canadian Space Agency becomes third customer of commercial U.S. rocket firm

By Peter Rakobowchuk, The Canadian Press

MONTREAL - The Canadian Space Agency is hitching a ride — for $10 million — aboard a commercial space rocket built by a private U.S. company.

The agency will use the rocket built by SpaceX to deliver a home-grown satellite designed to assist in scientific research and commercial efforts at digital file-storing.

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Target Date*


Launch Site

NASA COTS – Demo 1



Cape Canaveral

NASA COTS – Demo 2



Cape Canaveral

NASA COTS – Demo 3



Cape Canaveral

Falcon 1e Inaugural Test Flight
Falcon 1e

ORBCOMM - Multiple flights2011-2014Falcon 1eKwajalein
MDA Corp. (Canada)2011Falcon 9Cape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flight 12011F9/DragonCape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 22011F9/DragonCape Canaveral
DragonLab Mission 12012F9/DragonCape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 32012F9/DragonCape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 42012F9/DragonCape Canaveral
CONAE (Argentina)2012Falcon 9 Vandenberg**
Spacecom (Israel)2012Falcon 9 Cape Canaveral**
DragonLab Mission 22013F9/DragonCape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 52013F9/DragonCape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 62013F9/DragonCape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 72013F9/DragonCape Canaveral
CONAE (Argentina)2013Falcon 9 Vandenberg**
NSPO (Taiwan)2013Falcon 1eKwajalein
Space Systems/Loral2014Falcon 9 Cape Canaveral**
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 82014F9/DragonCape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 92014F9/DragonCape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 102014F9/DragonCape Canaveral
Astrium (Europe)2014Falcon 1eKwajalein
Bigelow Aerospace(不确定)2014Falcon 9Cape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 112015F9/DragonCape Canaveral
NASA Resupply to ISS – Flt 122015F9/DragonCape Canaveral
Iridium2015-2017Falcon 9Vandenberg
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