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[机型] 美F35“闪电2”专题讨论贴:2018最后一架交付

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SOURCE:Flight International

Israel sets sights on two-seater F-35
By Stephen Trimble

The role of Israeli industry in the F-35 programme remains one of the last undecided pieces in Lockheed Martin's vast supply chain for the stealth fighter.

While the Israeli ministry of defence negotiates pricing on 25 requested F-35s, with options to purchase 50 more, Israeli companies each want to share in the presumed industrial benefits.

Israel Aerospace Industries, for example, foresees opportunities to participate in major upgrades and redesigns for the currently single-seat F-35 stealth fighter. IAI has even considered playing a role in the development of a two-seat variant.

"That's possible," an IAI executive says. "There is a known demand for two seats not only from Israel but from other air forces. Advanced aircraft are usually two seats rather than single seats."

All three variants of the F-35 are designed with a single seat. Programme officials have cited new advances in avionics and sensor fusion technology, which can allow a single pilot to perform missions that previously required two crew members.

The single-seat configuration also maximises commonality between the three variants. However, the programme has acknowledged plans for unspecified "follow-on development" work.

A recent US Navy analysis of F-35 cost estimates briefed internally on 4 January cited "upward pressure" posed by follow-on development work, as well as ship integration costs.

More immediately, Israeli industry wants a major role in the supply chain for the baseline aircraft, to include installing locally developed weapons and sensors on Israeli air force fighters.

The joint programme office has reportedly agreed to integrate the Rafael Python missile on the F-35. However, radars made by IAI's Elta Systems and Israeli-made electronic warfare equipment are still in debate.

Meanwhile, IAI plans to expand its aerostructures business, which already includes wings and horizontal stabilisers for F-15s and F-16s, with F-35 work, as well.

It also remains unclear how F-35s purchased by the Israeli air force will be maintained. Lockheed plans to consolidate European depot maintenance work in Italy. Israeli industry, however, believes that F-35 depot maintenance should be performed within national borders.

For its part, Lockheed so far is not explaining how much work it plans to offer Israel's industrial base.

"Lockheed Martin is developing an industrial participation plan for Israel industry in anticipation of Israel procuring the F-35," Lockheed says. "The plan will include work opportunities for Israel industry on the F-35 programme based on the programme's best-value tenet."
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F35拼数量?英国泪流满面,最初报价3500w美刀,比F16还便宜哦,天上掉馅饼哦, 。现在超一个亿美刀一架...

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SOURCE:Flight International

SINGAPORE 2010: Leadership turmoil hits F-35 programme
By Stephen Trimble


The surprise firing of the US government programme manager and the withholding of a $614 million incentive fee overshadowed Lockheed Martin's plans to showcase the F-35 at the Singapore air show, where the host air force has started down the path of acquiring the stealth fighter.

But Lockheed executives strove to emphasise the positives in the wake of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' revelations as he unveiled the US Department of Defense's fiscal year 2011 budget request on 1 February.

Brig Gen David Heinz, who inherited the programme a year ago, will be replaced by a three-star general or admiral, with the higher-ranking officer signalling a new commitment to resolving the programme's problems.

Moreover, the Pentagon moved $2.8 billion from F-35 production into the research and development account, but the overall budget remained steady at nearly $11 billion in FY2011, says Steve O'Bryan, Lockheed vice-president for business development.

Although the DoD slashed production by five jets, one F-35 was added to the its pending request for emergency war funding. O'Bryan casts that decision as an indication that the Pentagon views the F-35 as relevant for current operations.

Lockheed also announced that the third flight-test aircraft for the short take-off and vertical landing programme - dubbed BF-3 - has achieved first flight. This was more than one year behind the original schedule, but Lockheed portrayed the event as another sign of progress.

Lockheed may also have an opportunity to recover the entire incentive fee that Gates has put on hold. Portions of the fee could be released as Lockheed completes certain tasks. Both sides are negotiating the terms for measuring Lockheed's performance to recover the $614 million currently on hold, O'Bryan says.

For its part, F135 engine supplier Pratt & Whitney also reported progress with improving the powerplant's reliability and affordability. The US Navy had identified four "items of interest" with the BF-1 flight-test aircraft, says Tom Farmer, president of P&W's military engines. P&W has already addressed concerns about a "clutch heat-up" problem, and a turbine blade fatigue issue discovered a year ago, he says.

P&W also has committed to absorb any cost overruns as it builds the next lot of production engines, rather than passing on the extra cost to the government, says William Begert, vice-president of business development.

However, the pressure will only continue to grow on Lockheed's performance as a series of key milestones approaches. Lockheed is due to deliver the first production F-35As to Eglin AFB, Florida, to launch training in the third quarter, even though the AF-1 flight-test aircraft has flown only once so far.

Despite ferrying to NAS Patuxent River in November, the BF-1 flight-test aircraft has completed only two of the 12 flights necessary to achieve the programme's first vertical landing. That milestone had slipped from last June to "early" 2010, but programme officials now describe the event as scheduled for "later this year".
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SOURCE:Flight International
SINGAPORE 2010: Lockheed may deliver more F-35s than DoD buys
By Stephen Trimble

Although the US Department of Defense has announced slashing four F-35 jets and firing the government's programme manager, Lockheed Martin says it could deliver more aircraft in 2013 than the military pays for to keep unit costs from spiralling upwards.

The DoD may allow Lockheed the "opportunity" to deliver more F-35s than specifically on contract, Lockheed vice-president for business development George Standridge told Flightglobal at the Singapore airshow.

Under this scenario, Lockheed would continue to build aircraft based on prices set in the 2007 selected acquisition report. Meanwhile, the DoD has decided to fund the programme based on higher cost projections set by the second annual review by the Joint Estimating Team. For the same price, Lockheed may be able to deliver more than 43 F-35s.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates acknowledged that possibility when he announced the budget cuts in a briefing at the Pentagon on 1 February. Gates described the fiscal year 2011 budget request as seeking a "buy of 43 aircraft and possibly more, depending on contractor performance".

Gates also announced that F-35 programme executive officer Brig Gen David Heinz will be replaced by a three-star general. Before his dismissal, Heinz had actually been selected for promotion to major general, so Gates's move elevates the position's standing from two-star rank to three-star rank.

Asked if Lockheed also anticipates a change of leadership, Standridge did not give a direct reply. But he acknowledges that Lockheed accepts that the DoD will hold the company accountable for its performance. For his part, Gates announced that he will withhold $614 million in performance fees from Lockheed. "The taxpayers should not have to bear the entire burden of getting the [F-35] programme back on track," he says.

The procurement cuts increase the pressure on Lockheed to keep reducing unit costs for the F-35, especially as foreign partners are expected to start buying production aircratf within the next two years.

Meanwhile, Lockheed also confirms that Singapore has started receiving classified briefings on the F-35. Singapore and Israel are both Security Cooperation Participants on the Joint Strike Fighter programme.
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SOURCE:Flight International
Lockheed Martin sees F-35A replacing USAF air superiority F-15C/Ds
By Stephen Trimble

Lockheed Martin has countered a potential cut in US Air Force orders for its F-35A by claiming the in-development fighter could fill an air superiority role as well as the ground-attack mission for which it is officially designed.

The USAF officially lists the F-35's conventional take-off and landing variant as a ground-attack fighter complementing the air superiority mission, replacing only the Lockheed F-16 and the Fairchild A-10.

But Lockheed has added the Boeing F-15C/D air superiority fighter and F-15E Strike Eagles to its own speculative and unofficial list of aircraft the F-35A can replace. That allows it to claim the USAF's requirement to buy 1,763 F-35As over the next 20 years remains intact despite recent policy changes.

Lockheed provided the analysis to Flight International in response to questions about the potential impact of the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), which proposes to slash the USAF's theatre strike wing-equivalents to 10 to 11 wings.

The reduction potentially devastates the USAF's demand for 1,763 F-35As. If the USAF maintains a 72-aircraft wing structure, only 720 to 792 combat-coded fighters are needed to perform the F-35's primary mission. That role is currently performed by a mix of F-16s, A-10s and F-15Es. Lockheed's analysis assumes the mission would be performed exclusively by F-35s within 25 years.

"All the A-10s and F-15Es would reach their life during the USAF buy of F-35s [through 2035] with no other tactical strike platform to replace their full capability other than F-35s," Lockheed's analysis says.

Lockheed also makes a second major assumption. The analysis assumes the QDR plan to operate six air superiority wing-equivalents will include two wings of Lockheed F-22s and four wings of F-35As. Lockheed acknowledges the F-22 fleet is limited to 1-2/3 wings. The four wings of F-35As would replace the F-15C/Ds, according to Lockheed.

If the F-35A gains the new mission, the USAF requirement would rise to 14-15 wings, totalling between 1,008 and 1,080 combat-coded jets. Lockheed also estimates a need for another 593 to 636 jets required for training, test, depot and attrition reserve. The final number for the F-35A requirement ranges between 1,601 and 1,715 fighters, a total that Lockheed concludes is "in the noise" compared to the programme estimate of 1,763.

Steve O'Bryan, Lockheed vice-president for business development, supported Lockheed's analysis, saying a single F-35 provides the capability of six F-15s in air-to-air simulations. Although the F-35's projected top speed of Mach 1.6 falls short of the F-15's M2.5 maximum, O'Bryan says, the F-35's higher level of stealth offsets the F-15's speed advantage in calculations of overall survivability.

The F-35's prowess in the air superiority role has been debated, with one controversial Rand analysis in 2008 concluding the jet "can't turn, can't climb and can't run" fast enough to survive dogfights.

According to industry sources, an unnamed senior USAF officer said last year: "JSF is not an air dominance platform and we understand that."
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      就像f16在美帝手里也是打杂 ...

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f35的亚音速机动性除了过失速机动性以外未必比f22差多少,实战情况下的跨音速加速能力除了台风以外没有其他 ...

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f-35跨音速加速性怎么就不如f-16了呢?反正以前看过f35的性能对比图,典型空战挂载下跨音速加速性和su30相同 ...

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不过,本人认为俄人和我们要搞出堪与F-22/35匹敌的战机,成本绝对不会比美 ...
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tg现阶段研制费用不贵,因此装备部队以后频频出问题,f119 f135研制期间用多少个发动机,太行用多少个,最后 ...
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tg现阶段研制费用不贵,因此装备部队以后频频出问题,f119 f135研制期间用多少个发动机,太行用多少个,最后 ...

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f-16其实是三代机里面跨音速加速性能相当好的一款飞 ...
costrave 发表于 2010-2-10 19:36

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