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[美国] 2020,太空发射系统SLS首秀/代号EM-1,将在KSC发射:进行方案修正

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+2017-04-28 发射推迟到2019




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http://www.nasa.gov/home/hqnews/ ... tage_Milestone.html

NASA'S Space Launch System Core Stage Passes Major Milestone, Ready to Start Construction
                Dec. 21, 2012             RELEASE : 12-440
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The team designing America's new flagship rocket has completed successfully a major technical review of the vehicle's core stage. NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) will take the agency's Orion spacecraft and other payloads beyond low-Earth orbit, providing a new capability for human exploration.

The core stage preliminary design review (PDR) was held Thursday at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., and included representatives from the agency and The Boeing Co. Boeing's Exploration Launch Systems in Huntsville is the prime contractor for the core stage and its avionics. Marshall manages the SLS Program.
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  // ...  The first actual hardware parts for SLS to come out of the machine shops will go into the LH2 tank Structural Test Article (STA), which is on the SLS critical path, given the STA tanks must be completed and out of the way before the flight tanks can be built.
   第一个SLS实际硬件零件 出厂后 将进入液氢罐结构测试体单元(STA),这是SLS上的关键路径,STA的贮箱必须完成 并且 在飞行贮箱能够建造前, 离开(腾地儿)。
       .... ...

  // ...  it used to take three years to build a Space Shuttle External Tank, from the time the individual ET was authorized, until the ET actually rolled out the door at MAF, and that was with the production drawings already in hand and the production line already active.

     而2016-03需要运到  SST? 测试场...所以,2013-03就要开始建造。

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  [据美国NASA网站2012年12月21日报道]  NASA的“航天发射系统”(SLS)核心段通过重大里程碑,顺利完成一项重要的技术评审。
  2017年的首飞将使用运载能力70吨的火箭型号,携带无人的“猎户座”航天器,飞往月球以远。随着改进,采用本核心段的“航天发射系统”将成为运载能力130吨的二级火箭,能实现低地球轨道以远的任务,并支持深空探索。 (中国航天系统科学与工程研究院   许红英  侯丹)  


http://www.space.cetin.net.cn/in ... 000&recno=88256
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EM-1:NASA的管理者们要求SLS /猎户座的初次任务表演(做)大胆的更改
EM-1: NASA managers request ambitiouschanges to debut SLS/Orion mission
July 2, 2013 by Chris Bergin

Just months after changing ExplorationMission -2 (EM-2) into an asteroid rendezvous mission, NASA managers haveissued a Change Request to alter the debut flight of the Space Launch System(SLS) with Orion. The change would result in Orion being sent 70,000 km past the Moon on a25 day flight.
把探索任务-2(EM-2)改变为一个小行星回合的任务仅仅几个月后,NASA的管理者们发出变更请求,去改变太空发射系统(SLS)猎户座的首次飞行。这个更改 将 导致猎户座在一个25天的飞行中被送到通过(飞掠)月球(表面)70000公里

Exploration Roadmap:

As SLS undergoes its Preliminary Design Review (PDR), a new – andhighly detailed – 116 page Concept Of Operations (CONOPS) document (availableto download in L2) has finally provided extensive details into the ongoingExploration Roadmap planning effort.
    正当SLS进行它的初步设计评审(PDR)(期间),一个新的  - 并非常详细的  - 116页的运营理念(CONOPS)文件(在L2可供下载)终于加入 了丰富的细节,进入到正在进行的探索路线图规划工作中。

Based on the creation of Design ReferenceMissions (DRMs), the document covers both crewed and uncrewed mission templatesfor SLS, Orion and Deep Space Habs (DSHs) all the way through to landings onMars. Additional notes (L2) also point to negotiations with the Jet PropulsionLaboratory (JPL) for a SLS-launched science mission (to be covered in aspecific article at a later date).
基于谋划参考任务(DRMs)的创建,为了SLS、猎户座和深空Habs(DSHS)通过所有方式 去着陆到火星上,该文件涵盖了载人和不载人的任务模板。其他注意事项(L2)也为喷气推进实验室(JPL)的谈判点 SLS开展科学任务(在稍后的日期在一个特定的文章里报道)。


The first SLS-based roadmap was based onlyon the initial cost and schedule estimates for evolving the Heavy Lift LaunchVehicle (HLV), through to its 130mt capability – as ordered by Congress in the2010 Authorization Act.
首先 基于SLS的路线图 只是基于为不断发展的重型运载火箭(HLV)初始成本和进度估计,直到其130吨的能力  - 由美国国会于2010年授权法案订购(命令)。

With the requirement for Orion to be aback-up to NASA’s commercial crew effort, the first launch of SLS wastechnically advanced to 2017 – a date it remains on track to achieve.Meanwhile, the first NASA crewed commercial launch (USCV-1) has since slippedover two years and is threatening to slip further – potentially afterSLS/Orion’s EM-1 debut – should funding levels fall below requested levels.
随着猎户被要求是一个NASA商业载人努力的备份,SLS第一次发射技术上提前至2017年  - 一个仍然满足计划进度的日期。与此同时,第一次NASA载人商业发射(USCV-1)由于滑移(推迟)超过两年,并且正在威胁进一步滑移(推迟)   - 潜在地(可能)在SLS /猎户座的EM-1初次登场之后  - 筹资水平低于要求的水平。

However, it remains a highly unlikelyscenario that the first SLS/Orion mission will be to the ISS, not least becauseit is classed as unthinkable that a crew would ride uphill on the debut launchof the HLV.
但是,第一次SLS /猎户座(发射就)将去到ISS的任务,仍然是一个高度不可能的方案,并非最不重要,(而是)因为乘员 乘坐 初次登场的HLV 发射,被列为特别不可想象。

Planning documentation continues toreference the ISS DRM as an option, but manifests have always pointed towardsthe first SLS/Orion launch being an uncrewed Exploration Mission (EM-1), whichwas baselined a validation flight that would send Orion on a 7-10 day mission aroundthe Moon.
计划中的文件,继续引用 ISS  DRM  作为一个选项,但载货舱单一直指向第一次SLS/猎户座发射 成为一个不载人的探索任务(EM-1),基线验证飞行将发送7-10天的猎户座环绕月球的任务。

SLS and Orion would then endure a four yeargap – again, mainly due to the advanced 2017 debut relating to ISS crew back up– before repeating a version of EM-1, this time as a CLO (Crewed Lunar Orbit)flight, with four astronauts spending three to four days orbiting our nearestneighbor, as opposed to heading directly home after passing around the Moon – aflight known as Exploration Mission -2 (EM-2).
SLS和Orion然后将忍受一个四年间隙 -再次,主要是由于先进的2017年首次亮相关系到ISS乘员备份  - 在重复一个EM-1的版本之前,这次做为CLO(载人月球轨道)飞行时间,花三到四天四宇航员绕我们最近的邻居,反对标题直接回家后,通过围绕月球  - 所谓的飞行探索任务-2(EM-2)。

Much to the surprise of some people deeplyinvolved with SLS and Orion, the order came down from NASA HQ to realign EM-2,based around a 2019 mission tasked with hunting down and capturing an asteroidthat would then be placed in the vicinity of the Moon within one to two years.EM-2 is also known as the Asteroid Redirect Crewed Mission (ARCM).
令一些人感到惊讶的是与SLS和猎户座的深深卷入, 从NASA总部下来的 订单 重新调整了EM-2,围绕2019年的任务,搜索和和捕获一个小行星,然后在一到两年内将其放置在月球附近  。 EM-2也被称为小行星重定向载人任务(ARCM)。

The 2019 mission would require the launchof an Asteroid Retrieval Spacecraft (ARS) via an Atlas V in its 551configuration, setting sail for an asteroid that would small enough andrelatively close by. EM-2 would then launch a crew of two astronauts to meet upand conduct EVAs on the asteroid.
2019年的任务将需要通过在一个阿特拉斯V在其551配置上,发射一个小行星取回航天器(ARS),启航的小行星,将足够小,并且比较接近。 EM-2将发射两名宇航员的乘员去回合小行星并进行舱外活动。

Deemed as fulfilling President Obama’s wishof investigating a Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) by the middle of the 2020s,subsequent political hearings have seen some lawmakers complain about themission’s lack of public interest, through to questioning the technicalviability of the initial mission outline and its schedule.

EM-1 Change Request:

As part of a potential reaction to thatinitial feedback, an order to evaluate an alteration of 2017s EM-1 was recently sent from NASAHQ to the SLS and Orion teams.
作为一个对最初的反馈潜在反应的一部分,一个评估2017年EM-1改变的命令,最近从NASA  HQ(总部)发送到 SLS和猎户座团队。

The order – known as a “Change Request” –calls for the replacement of the Uncrewed “Lunar Flyby Tactical DRM” with a“Distant Retrograde Orbit (DRO) Tactical DRM”, citing the mission woulddirectly aid the new EM-2 asteroid objectives.
该命令  - 被称为“变更申请”  - 要求用一个遥远逆行轨道(DRO)策略DRM”去替换一个不载人的“月球飞掠策略DRM”,引用该任务将直接帮助新的EM-2小行星目标

Un-crewed DROflight to demonstrate trajectory performance and increased flight duration forfuture Asteroid Redirect Crewed Mission (ARCM) as well as high speed entry andselect integrated systems performance prior to crewed flight,” noted the EM-1Change Request outline (L2).
不载人DRO飞行为未来小行星重定向载人任务(ARCM) 以及高速进入 ,还有 在载人飞行之前  选择 集成系统的性能 ,去演示(实证)弹道轨迹性能 以及 增加飞行持续时间 ,”  EM-1变更申请大纲(L2) 指出。

While the new EM-1 flight would technicallystill be to the Moon, the change would result in Orion passing 70,000km past the lunarsurface, as opposed to the original plan to enter a Low Lunar Orbit (LLO). Themission would also be much longer, such as the extended 10 day trip to thetarget destination.

This missionutilizes a single Block 1 (70mt) SLS with an ICPS (Interim Cryogenic PropulsionSystem) and Orion to go beyond Earth orbit and test critical mission events aswell as demonstrate performance in relevant environments. This DRM is designedsuch that the Orion flies a mission profile similar to what might be used in afuture ARCM,” added the latest CONOPS document, which provides a detailedoutline of the new mission.
“这个任务,利用一个单一的第一款(70MT)SLS 与一个 ICPS(临时低温推进系统)和猎户座去到地球轨道以远的地方 ,以测试关键任务事件,以及演示在相关环境中的性能。这个DRM被设计为如“猎户座”飞船飞行一个类似可能用于未来ARCM的任务剖面“ 最新的业务概念文件补充说,它提供了一个新任务的详细大纲。

Requires anSLS lift capability of 70mt to an insertion orbit of -87 x 241 km. This DRM requires SLS to deliver apayload insertion mass of 58 mt to an insertion orbit of 41 km x 1806 km. This higher orbit mission is more stressingthan a LEO mission, so it envelopes it.”
“需要一个SLS 70mt的起升能力 去 插入 -87 x 241公里的轨道。这个DRM要求SLS去递送一个质量为58吨的有效载荷插入,到一个41公里×1806公里的插入轨道。这种更高的轨道任务比LEO任务具有更多的压力,所以它包络它。

Following the previously outlined GroundOperations, Launch and Ascent of the SLS with Orion, the uncrewed Orion wouldbe prepared for its Trans-Lunar Injection (TLI) burn, that would be conductedby the Delta Cryogenic Second Stage (DCSS), acting as the ICPS.
继前面所述的地面操作、SLS与猎户座的发射和上升,该不载人的猎户座将为其跨月球的注入(TLI)点火做准备,这会由三角洲低温 第二级(DCSS)实施,起ICPS的作用。

Click here for additional SLS NewsArticles: http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/tag/hlv/

The ICPSperforms the TLI burn to place the Orion on a lunar free return trajectory toexecute a lunar flyby gravity assist maneuver that will target a DRO, and theOrion separates from the ICPS,” added the On Orbit Operations outline in theCONOPS for new EM-1 mission proposal.
“该ICPS执行一个 TLI点火 去 放置猎户座  到一个月球自由返回轨道 去执行将针对DRO的月球飞掠重力协助机动,以及 从ICPS 分离猎户座 “ CONOPS新的EM-1任务建议在轨运行 业务概念大纲 补充说。

The ICPSmaintains a stable attitude following separation to ensure no re-contact, afterwhich the ICPS performs any necessary maneuvers for safe disposal.”
“该ICPS维持一个分离之后的稳定姿态,以确保不会再接触,在这之后 该ICPS执行任何必要的安全处置机动。“

During transit, the Orion – now on its own– would perform a translational burn to accomplish a powered lunar flybygravity assist maneuver that targets the DRO. Once at the DRO arrival point,Orion would then perform a translation burn to establish the DRO orbit ofapproximately 70,000 kmwith the spacecraft also performing Trajectory Correction Maneuver (TCM) burnsas required.
在转移过程中,该猎户座飞船  - 现在(靠)它自己  - 会执行一个转移点火,针对DRO去达成一个动力月球飞掠重力辅助机动。一旦位于DRO抵达点,猎户座然后将进行一个转移 点火 去建立一个  约70,000公里的DRO轨道,(这时)该航天器也实施所需要的弹道修正机动(TCM)点火。

Orion would then spend six days in the DRO,before making the return leg.

Click here for additional Orion NewsArticles: http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/tag/orion/

Uponcompleting the DRO portion of the mission, Orion performs a departure burn toplace the spacecraft on a trajectory to execute a return lunar flyby gravityassist maneuver,” added the CONOPS presentation.

Orion usesthis trajectory to propel around the Moon, and then performs a return flybyburn resulting in a nine day transit back to Earth.”
At the conclusion to the 25 day mission,Orion would then re-enter at high velocity, conducting a major test of itsheatsheild.
The Orionreturn trajectory is designed to achieve a maximum Earth return velocity.Required tactical capability is 11.2 km/s;expected maximum achievable Earth return velocity from this DRM isapproximately 11 km/s.”
A decision point on converting the ChangeRequest into the EM-1 baseline is expected later this year.
在变更请求转换成上 一个决策点 进入EM-1基线 预计在今年晚些时候。


谢谢rhZhao的建议  发表于 2013-7-4 07:01
也许“ambitious”在这里可以翻译成更大胆的修改吧。。炫耀不太适合。。。  发表于 2013-7-3 21:55
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  [据美国nasaspaceflight网站2013年7月2日报道]  就在NASA将“探索任务”-2(EM-2)调整为小行星交会任务数月后,NASA管理人员发布了一项变更请求,要求调整“猎户座”航天发射系统(SLS)的首次飞行。该调整会使“猎户座”飞船在25天的飞行中抵达月球7万千米外的地方。
  NASA在最新的运行方案中说,该任务使用单个Block 1 航天发射系统,其上集成有“过渡型低温推进系统”(ICPS)、“猎户座”飞船,将飞到地球轨道以远,测试关键任务,并演示验证相关环境内的性能。该DRM使得“猎户座”飞行任务与未来ARCM任务设计相似。
  NASA需要一枚运载能力是70吨的SLS,可进入87 x 241的小行星轨道内。该DRM要求SLS可运载58吨有效载荷进入41千米 x 1806千米轨道。
  在飞行过程中,“猎户座”将独自实施一次转移点火,完成有动力的引力辅助机动的飞跃月球,目的是进入大幅值逆行轨道。一旦抵达DRO到达点,“猎户座”将实施一次转移点火,进入接近7万千米的深大幅值逆行轨道,航天器还将按要求执行轨道修正机动(TCM)点火。“猎户座”在返回前将在大幅值逆行轨道内停留6天。(中国航天系统科学与工程研究院 张肇瑞 许红英)


月球表面7万公里,这是要去EML2啊  发表于 2013-7-9 17:49
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EM-1 发射/飞行轨道和 delta-V 需求
zhang 发表于 2014-4-29 14:34 | 显示全部楼层
http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2 ... s-sls-em-1-mission/

EM-1 的 ICPS 不再需要满足 human-rated 要求
楠宫晓风vn 发表于 2014-4-29 15:23 来自航空航天港手机版! | 显示全部楼层
zhang 发表于 2014-4-29 14:34

EM-1 的 ...

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EM-2换成SLS的原配上面级EUS,Exploration Upper Stage,EUS本来打算在EM-3引入。
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cmj9808 发表于 2014-4-29 15:52
EM-2换成SLS的原配上面级EUS,Exploration Upper Stage,EUS本来打算在EM-3引入。

cmj9808 发表于 2014-4-29 19:45 | 显示全部楼层
黑与白 发表于 2014-4-29 19:09

cmj9808 发表于 2014-4-29 19:53 | 显示全部楼层
黑与白 发表于 2014-4-29 19:09

文章作者根据EM-1 ICPS取消man-rated推测的.
官方说法中EM-2仍是man-rated ICPS,由于航天员办公室不希望在man-rated ICPS的首次飞行中就载人,目前的选项是要么增加一次货运任务(2019)验证man-rated ICPS; 要么EM-2再次推迟,直接上EUS。
黑与白 发表于 2014-4-29 20:20 | 显示全部楼层
cmj9808 发表于 2014-4-29 19:53
文章作者根据EM-1 ICPS取消man-rated推测的.
官方说法中EM-2仍是man-rated ICPS,由于航天员办公室不希 ...

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cmj9808 发表于 2014-4-29 15:52
EM-2换成SLS的原配上面级EUS,Exploration Upper Stage,EUS本来打算在EM-3引入。

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楠宫晓风vn 发表于 2014-4-29 20:40

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Exploration Mission Capability Provided by a DUUS
– Low Earth Orbit Mission Class
• LEO delivery capability, 105 – 130t delivery
• Stage life/duration, 10 min – 5 hours
– Destination Injection Mission Class
• Trans‐Lunar, 40 – 50t delivery
• Trans‐Mars, 25 – 35t delivery
• Stage life/duration, 5 hours
– Cis‐Lunar Mission Class
• EM‐L2 or Low Lunar Orbit, 30 – 35t delivery
• Stage life/duration, 5 days

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Lsquirrel 发表于 2014-4-29 20:55

为啥CZ-9就要搞一个怪模怪样的 ...

黑与白 发表于 2014-4-29 21:13 | 显示全部楼层
Lsquirrel 发表于 2014-4-29 20:55

为啥CZ-9就要搞一个怪模怪样的 ...



http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20130013953.pdf  发表于 2014-4-29 21:16
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